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Waltham American Grade Watches Starting in 1859, the top grade of Waltham production was the  "American Grade" including models 1859 18 size, KW20 (1860 Nashua model), KW16, 1868, 1872, 1888, and 1899 16 size, the 1894 12 size and the OM Model 00 size American Grade. The only exceptions to this characterizations are the 1888 model Riverside Maximus and the 1908 model Premier Maximus which many people argue are superior to the American Grade in the same model. The Premier Maximus is closely related to the 1899 American Grade "Bridge Model."

This collection is a grade oriented subset of the Waltham Watch Co. collection.

Information about serial numbers and production of Waltham watches may be found at NAWCC Info