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English Makers / Nicole and Capt Timer - No serial number

This watch is a bit of a mystery. I think it may have been a regular offering from Nicole & Capt in the 1860's time frame. However, it could also be a patent model.

The dial shows an elapsed time indication to for up to 10 minutes. The piece is wound by pulling up on the crown, which also resets the elapsed time indication. The sweep hand is started, stopped and returned to zero by pressing on the crown.

There is no mainspring, but rather the power comes from a leaf spring that is cocked when the crown is pulled up. The elapsed time indicator is actually an up/down or state of wind indicator that is calibrated to function as an elapsed time indicator. I was delighted to get this watch in a sale at Christie's with another interesting chronograph as a "box lot."

This piece appears to be an exploration of simple chronograph/timer operation and may have influenced the development of the more abundant Time of Flight instrument which is also in the sale.

Anyone with a serious interest in Nicole Nielsen watches should read this essay by David Penney on the history of the firm. Nicole Nielsen & Co.

This item will be sold in the October 20, 2019 sale. This link is to lot 425