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American Watch Company / Herman Hewett 72 - 2605071

Herman S. Hewett 72 Model. Herman S.  Hewett was a major watchmaker in the Brockton area of Massachusetts in the later 1800's. He actually founded two watch businesses. The first he sold to his brother. The Hewett family were prominent in the south shore region of Massachusetts. His father had a large farm and was active in education and the church in the early 1800's. (Herman Hewett Biography)

Herman's watch has a runic dial with interesting log form numeral indications. The large "S" below the 12:00 position is his middle initial. The background of the "S" shows a pair of landscapes with a meadow and stream on one side and a seashore on the other side.

This watch was obtained many years later than the other late 1872 model in the collection but is from the same production run. The watch was bought as a loose movement and the previous owner purchased it from the Hewett business remnants in a local auction. It has been cased in an appropriate 14K case but it may have originally had an 18K case.

The serial number on this example is 2,605,071, which puts it in the same run as the originally cased movement, 2,605,046. There were a total of 1,730 American Grade 1872 models made with 800 still unsold in 1900.