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The Barraud Dynasty / Hanging Detent 684 - 684

Barraud had a small number of these watches with the movement inverted in the case made for them in the 1812 to 1815  time period. This example is hallmarked 1814 with the large T. 

It is believed that Pennington made these watches for Barraud and this is supported by the presence of the early form of Pennington's balance with mean time and compensation screws and the device on the end of the balance arms intended to protect from extreme motions in large temperature changes. That device was soon dispensed with as unneeded. I think only Pennington made them in this form.

The signature Barraud's is an interesting phenomenon that is very common on watches from this period. Since the engraver was doing the work for Barraud, they invariably thought the name was a possessive rather than the plural Barrauds for the father and sons.