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AWCo Collections The Barraud Dynasty / Fusee Karousel - 3/4625

The Barraud Dynasty / Fusee Karousel - 3/4625

This watch is an example of Barraud & Lunds highest grade presentation watch. The keyless fuzee Karrussel was produced to order and was significantly more expensive than the Grade A, keyless fuzee with up/down indication. It sold when new for 80 guineas vs. 67 guineas for the "A" half-chronometer (in gold). The price list does not give prices for the watches in silver cases.

All English Karrussel watch ebauches were purchased from Bonniksen, but Bonniksen did not make an ebauche with fuzee. Therefore, the pillar and top plate would have been made by Usher & Cole who are generally credited with making all the keyless fusee karussels. (Likely less than 10 for all makers.)

The finish on this watch is particularly nice with extensive engraving on the barrel cover and on the Karrussel carriage.

The inscription on the back is nearly all in handwriting and presumably is in the hand of the giver of the watch. The hallmarks on the covers differ and it is possible that the presentation is a second generation presentation.

This watch was purchased from my dear friend Mike Laux shortly before he died in January 2005. He had inherited it from his twin brother Jerry Laux who had owned it for a number of years. It was always my favorite of Jerry's watches and I think his favorite as well.