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AWCo Collections The Barraud Dynasty / 3rd Series Minute repeater - 3/1600

The Barraud Dynasty / 3rd Series Minute repeater - 3/1600

This Barraud & Lunds minute repeater is an interesting large watch with an offset seconds bit. The repeating work is entirely under the dial and between the plates. The Usher & Cole workbook sheet for Barraud & Lunds 3/1600 is shown in the supplement of Cedric Jagger's book on Paul Phillip Barraud on page 197. The watch was finished on February 26th, 1874 which agrees with the date letter of t. There is no mention of the repeating works in the workbook and it is probable that the watch was sent to one of the Swiss makers to have the repeating works added. 

It is curious that the workbook sheet does not read very much like this watch. There was presumably a lot more work done to add the minute repeating feature. The 10/04 indication on the top of the sheet also indicates a smaller 10 size ladies watch. It seems strange that the watch would have received new plates as well as the repeating works and still kept the serial number. However, serial numbers 2/1600 and the 20th century 1600 are clearly too far away in date from the 1874 date in the workbook to be reasonable. 

Case maker HCD: Henry Charles Dewar, 26 Myddleton Street Clerkenwell, London