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This piece is a fast timer that is highly accurate for short duration events according to Frodsham's literature at the time it was in production. The timer is featured in an article in Vaudrey Mercer's book on the Frodsham family. It was made around the turn of the century when the premises were at 27 South Molton Street.

This example was found with the original box, but it had been somewhat abused and was missing the crystal and hands and was not running. It was restored by Len Dionne who made the hands and repaired the cylinder.

The cylinder escapement beats 100 times per second instead of the 4 or 5 beats in a normal cylinder pocket watch. The small hand marks the 100ths of a second while the large sweep hand marks seconds.  The button on the top serves the start/stop/reset functions.

It is likely that this piece is related to the Nicole & Capt Patent Chronograph which is also in the sale.

Anyone with a serious interest in Nicole Nielsen watches should read this essay by David Penney on the history of the firm. Nicole Nielsen & Co.

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