Personal Information

My educational background is in the sciences. I have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biology from Park College in Missouri and a Ph.D. in Physiology from UCLA. I did Postdoctoral studies on X-Ray diffraction of large biological molecules at Brock University in St. Catharines Ontario and Cambridge University in England.

During my 10 years teaching at West Virginia University, I taught Medical, Dental and Nursing students Cardiovascular Physiology and conducted research on the Biophysics of Muscle. I was also an Associate Professor in Computer Science and taught CS and Engineering Students the applications of computers to real time analysis and experimental control.

In 1978 I made a major career change and moved to Massachusetts to work for Digital Equipment Corporation. Over the years I have been responsible for major software developments at Digital, Chief Architect for Raytheon Data Systems and Vice President of Engineering for Datachecker/DTS Division of National Semiconductor.

In 1986 I went into business with my son Michael to develop computer systems for physician offices. This led to working on a NIST grant to develop an object model of the health care industry to facilitate patient care.

In 1997 I joined Intelligent Inspection Corporation as Chief Technology Officer. IIC develops robotic systems for the Energy Industry.

I retired in 2002 and now devote almost all my time to Horology. Since I was elected 2nd Vice President of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors in 2003 I have had the opportunity to visit many collectors all over the United States and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. With the reorganization of the NAWCC in 2003 and my election to the 2005-2009 Board of Directors, I continue to be involved in the development of this fine organization.

  • Watches and Clocks As can be seen from the bulk of this web site, my first interest after my family is watches and clocks. This began with the purchase of a Vienna Regulator in Ontario in 1967.

  • Robots Working with mechanical creatures is a fascinating endeavor. Our current devices are capable of traveling 3 miles deep into the ground and locating objects the size of a dime. Their impact on the economics of Oil and Gas production will be remarkable. 

  • Internet I have become fascinated with the capabilities of the internet for general knowledge and commerce. Much of this interest grew out of my work with NIST but it has developed much more fully with the NAWCC Chapter 174 web site and the flea market fun of eBay. Experimental Picture.