The 2006 Ward Francillon Time Symposium - American Watch Making II

From Craft to Industry

Presented by NAWCC Chapters 174 Pocket Horology, 185 Internet Horology and 28 Lake Erie


American Waltham Watch Co.
Elgin National Watch Co
New York & Hampden
United States Marion
Illinois Watch Co
Midwest Watch Companies
Hamilton & Lancaster
E. Howard Watch Co.
Webb C. Ball
This Catalog presents the watches and other artifacts that are to be exhibited at the 2006 Ward Francillon Time Symposium.

The symposium will begin with the annual James Arthur Lecture on Thursday evening, October 26, 2006 and end Saturday evening, October 28, 2006 with the Gala Banquet. These exhibits are designed to complement the presentations and enrich the overall experience of the symposium.

The items in the special Webb C. Ball Exhibit will be shown Friday afternoon during a special visit to City Bank in Kent Ohio where the items will be displayed in vintage jewelers display cases as they might have been seen when first offered for sale. The Webb C. Ball exhibit will feature items from the Brotherhood period and the Railroad Standard Watch as well as never before seen items from the Ball estate including Webb C. Ball's private collection of watches.

The items in the on-site display will include representative examples from all the major watch companies illustrating the growth of the industry from 1880. Waltham and Elgin lead the parade followed by the Illinois Watch Company and all its companion Midwest watch companies with the final stanzas played by the Hamilton Watch Co., the last survivor of the American Industry.