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Family Picture Book

My wife Jane teaches at the Harvard Elementary School. Her 2000/2001 class was an especially bright and lovely group of young people. Jane is the taller one on the left. The Harvard schools consist of the Harvard Elementary School and Bromfield High School. The high school is named after the Bromfield Academy that was one of the first schools for young women in the United States. The Academy grounds were donated to the town of Harvard for use in the public schools.

The winter of 2000/2001 was pretty typical for New England. We were visited with a substantial snow fall with a follow on of just under a foot. Our blue spruce looks particularly nice under the snow. A look at our neighbor's house shows the impact of the snow.

Charlie, Steven, Morgan and Madison along with the new arrival Cole Davis are my grandchildren.

Charles McIntyre Steven McIntyre Madison Lucas Morgan Lucas Jennifer and David McIntyre
Charles, Morgan, Madison and Steven Cole Davis McIntyre

 BabyDavid.jpg (98001 bytes) Young David in Morgantown