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I am Tom McIntyre (NAWCC #28286) owner of the McIntyre Watch Co. and its sister company the American Watch Co. I have been engaged in collecting  fine antique pocket watches for over 20 years. The American Watch Co. is named after the company that did the most to advance the machine production of truly fine watches and later became the Waltham Watch Co. The assets of the McIntyre Watch Co. were purchased in 1997 from the family of the collector who had owned them for the past 60 years. The McIntyre Watch Company was the last great attempt to produce a truly fine watch in the United States. It was founded in 1909 by Fred McIntyre, with Charles DeLong as the model maker and inventor of most of the McIntyre Watch patents.

I have a strong interest in watches and other material associated with the McIntyre Watch Co., Fred McIntyre and Charles DeLong. I am also eagerly seeking all American Watch Co. grade watches from any of the incarnations of the Waltham Watch Co. and equivalent grades from Elgin, Illinois, New York Watch Co. and the Lancaster family of watch companies.

My interests also include fine English Watches and especially the work of the Arnold's, Earnshaw's and the top makers of the late 19th century such as Kullberg and Walsh.

Clocks started my interest until I ran out of room for them but I still find special clocks very interesting. The works of B. D. Bingham are particularly interesting due to his position with the Nashua Watch Co.

Chronometers are especially interesting from the history of science point of view.  From these follows an interest in instruments of navigation such as sextants and compasses.

I also have been interested in decorative pottery and glass for many years. In the early 90's  I discovered that the Moorcroft Pottery I had been collecting for years had originated in the Pottery of James MacIntyre in Burslem. That piqued my interest in the early pieces by William Moorcroft from the period when he was the designer for the MacIntyre art pottery lines.